Ido Spak The Jazz Traveller is raising funds towards his latest jazz extravaganza- a new album titled ‘Epidemic Adventures’. A true musician, Ido fought through the adversity that the pandemic presented by working to create this new masterpiece to share with the world. 

Ido’s masterfully crafted work is filled with delicately handled elements, making elegant use of wiftsful, rippling piano. The artist strives to incorporate a diverse range of elements into his music, often weaving classical stylings into his jazz-based style. Alongside this, Ido often incorporates traces of Middle Eastern melodies into his work. The music he produces often features heavily syncopated percussion, making use of classic jazz features such as trumpet riffs. Ido is a master of his craft, consistently delivering a complex and thoughtful layering of sounds.

Ido Spak will undoubtedly appeal to a wide range of fans, especially those who love the work of Avishai Cohen, Omer Avital, or Chick Corea. But it is the heartwarming story behind his latest work that will truly draw you in. During the global COVID 19 pandemic, Ido found love on the internet. This life-changing relationship prompted him to write ‘Epidemic Love Song’. The song was to be the seed of the impressively composed ‘Epidemic Adventures’, his most recent and fifth album. 

As an independent artist, Ido Spak relies on his strong and devoted fan base to continue producing his groundbreaking work. He is currently in the midst of a major crowdfunding campaign for ‘Epidemic Adventures’, offering a wide range of exciting opportunities to those that participate. These include CDs of his previous 4 albums, music lessons with the Jazz Traveller himself, and live performances to those that support him. To make sure you don’t miss out on these awesome musical opportunities, take a look at the links below. But don’t leave it too late! Ido is offering these exciting services only until November 29th 2021.

 Audiences can support the album here: