Credit: Artwork from Alan Dweck’s ‘Before’

Alan Dweck has released a brand spanking new single ‘Before’. The singer songwriter combines his thought provoking lyrics with a musical sound that exists at the meeting between prog rock, jazz and blues.

‘Before’ is a jazz piece that makes no compromises, and lays out a veritable feast for the ears. The song is laced with guitar riffs that smack of the Eagles, over a low plucky bass that forms a strong foundation for the track. Reverberating chords layer over this combination of sounds to provide a multi-dimensional listening experience. The song ends in a cacophony of wailing vocals and beautiful, Led Zeppelin style guitar licks. Alan Dweck makes savvy use of guitar pedals and augmentation to create a spooky and atmospheric sound.

Dweck is set to release an entire album following on from this track. As a widely travelled individual, who has wandered all over from  Australia to Hong Kong. In fact, he was even one of the first artists to play in Eastern Europe following the fall of the Berlin Wall. Dweck aims to make his music a tribute to the great blues and soul of the past. Using his background as both a guitarist and songwriter, he channels the music of the blues rock greats into his work. 

‘Before’ is an emotional piece that lays bare the soul of the artist, with emotionally charged lyrics that do not shy away from vulnerability. Dweck’s lyrics  are both well crafted and deeply personal, whilst equally leaving from for the audience to experience and interpret the piece in their own way. ‘Before’ is about setting yourself up to succeed before you take on a difficult task 

The London-based jazz and blues aficionado is fascinated by the meeting point of creative mediums. Alongside his musical work, he takes great interest in the visual arts. Through his work he aims to achieve the seamless blending of the visual with the aural. Dweck’s sounds are have elements seen in cinematic soundtracks, and evoke a strongly emotive atmosphere.

Alan Dweck’s sparkling new single ‘Before’ is a delight to listen to. Luckily, it’s out now, and available on all the best streaming platforms. Listen now, and while you’re at it, take a moment to browse the links below and learn some more about this visionary artist.


Words by Ella Cope-Brown