B-Wey, a hip-hop artist based in South London, will soon release his first-ever album titled ‘Section 1’, a gritty and vulnerable work of art that details the struggles he faced as a young adult, from the death of his parents to his struggles with bipolar disorder. ‘Section 1’ will be available on the 18th of July.

The album’s standout track, ‘Psych Police’ is perhaps the most emotionally open one on the album. Through his trademark sound, inspired by boom-bap hip-hop sounds evoking strong nostalgia for the 90s, B-Wey delivers a disarmingly catchy discussion of the traumatic way those in crisis are often treated.

‘Psych Police’ has been released alongside a passionate and pared-back music video. The video is shot in stark black-and-white and gives a behind-the-scenes peek at B-Wey’s artistic process in creating his music by showing his recording space as he lovingly layers beats and riffs to create the laid-back sound of ‘Psych Police’, which blends elements of both hip-hop and indie music.

Another stand-out track is ‘Always Want a Beat Like That’, released on 2nd July. Making skilled use of vocal samples and charmingly retro record scratches, alongside exhibiting great mastery of his guitar. B-Wey talks both about how he has overcome many of his mental health struggles and discusses the euphoria he feels at creating and expressing himself through music.

Ben Weyman, the man behind B-Wey, is a talented multi-instrumentalist. Alongside his seemingly effortless rapping, Ben arranges all instrumentation for his music. In many ways, a one-man band, the instruments among his repertoire include guitar, bass, piano and drums. But, of course, no great music stands without a final polish, and B-Wey’s music is in the steady hands of Richard Sullivan, previous head engineer of Red Bull Studios, who both mixes and masters his work.

The album draws heavily from the artist’s difficult life experiences. His 20s were overshadowed by his parents dying of cancer within four months of one another. Following this, he experienced a series of both sections and arrests resulting from outbursts caused by his bipolar disorder. Despite facing such adversity, Ben persevered with both music and his own well-being and has now been stable for three years.

B-Wey’s album ‘Section 1’ will undoubtedly be one of the wittiest, catchiest and realest to be released this summer. So make sure to give it a listen when it comes out on 18th July, and if you can’t wait until then, his singles ‘Psych Police’ and ‘Always Want a Beat Like That’ are available on all major streaming platforms, along with the music video for ‘Psych Police’, which is on YouTube. To find out more about B-Wey, take a look at the links below.


Words by Ella Cope-Brown