Natural-born entertainer Billy Mick, follows 80s synth pop with a modern twist in his new single: ‘Leveling Up’ – the title track for his forthcoming album.

Billy Mick is 100% iconic in this single, ‘Leveling Up‘ is fabulously upbeat – an explosion of self love and unapologetic confidence and energy. We love it.

With support from LGBTQ+ media, including Gaydio and Outfront Magazine, the Florida-based artist is looking to continue his musical talent and wow audiences with a message to embrace every opportunity in life and make the most of each day.

“This song is about how every single day we have the chance to be better. Every day is another opportunity to be the best “you” you can be and to keep on “Leveling Up”!I fancy myself a bit of a “gaymer” and one day I was taking a moment to re-center myself and focus on where I was going next on this journey of life; all of the sudden it just popped into my head “life is like a video game!” Everyone has obstacles, everyone learns new “powers” and abilities, people appear in your life to help you along the way; and again, every day is a chance to level up!”Billy Mick

Complimented by a wardrobe full of sensational jackets, designed and made by the artist himself, Billy Mick hopes that this second album will shine as much as his debut ‘Just B’.

Billy’s powerful, bright, carefree personality shines through in all aspects of his life and Leveling Up is no exception, we can’t wait to hear more Billy!









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