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Amazonian rock band Pentral have released their new single ‘Aiming for the Sun’, in anticipation of their forthcoming album. The heroic single is furiously epic, with heavy guitar riffs, smashing drums and theatrical vocals, it’ll definitely get your head banging!

Watch the music video to Aiming for the Sun here:

“Aiming For The Sun” is a heavier song without leaving groove behind. It’s the second chapter of the couple’s saga, when the Amazon land-grabbers show their real face and what they are up to. Through its dark vibe and pulsating lines, this song tries to express a feeling of urgency, a claim for help, showcasing the agony of the people in the woods.”Pentral

Pentral is a three piece, Brazilian band consisting of brothers Victor (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars), Vagner Lima (drums) and Joe Ferry who plays the bass guitar. The band are clearly serious about their music, and also passionate about environmental protection, equality and the fight against racism. They write lyrics that mirror these beliefs and hope of change.

The limitations brought on by the pandemic have affected the band, but what they’ve come up with is incredible! Victor explains more about the recording process here:

The album was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic and it was a huge challenge wearing face masks almost every time. There was tension and fear among the musicians and engineers of getting infected. Besides that, the songs are not “straight”. Pentral uses a lot of uncommon and odd time signatures and harmonies, so it was pretty hard to record the final version of the tracks. Atmosphere, harmony, melody, groove and a strong message to make people think. For the band, this is what music is all about.” – Victor Lima

The ten track new album ‘What Lies Ahead Of Us’ will be released on the 7th May, so in the mean time listen to ‘Aiming for the Sun’ – and expect good things from the rest of the album, you won’t be disappointed!






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