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Hip-Hop rapper Reigno has now released his new track ‘Three Fours’ as part of his upcoming EP ‘Content with Crazy‘.

Reigno’s new single, ‘Three Fours’ is an absolute banger. With fast and furious lyrics and an insane beat, it’s clear that the rapper is passionate about his music. Reigno is the real deal; a pure electric talent, filling the void and becoming a big personality in the reinvention of the golden age of Hip-Hop!

“Nowadays, I feel like your ‘average rapper’ is seen as a shallow/superficial person that only thinks and talks about money, drugs etc. I want to be able to change this view and show that HipHop is more than that. Show that a rapper can be sincere and humane”.Reigno

Half Dutch and half Filipino, Reigno has used his training in martial arts to teach him the principals of discipline, rhythm and harnessing positive energy to transform his music into a way for him to express himself.

Having gone through difficult periods of anxiety and depression, Reigno is using his music to express himself. You can tell that Reigno is 100% authentic, clearly truthful and delievering us lyrics which are brilliantly thought-provoking.





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