Following her hugely anticipated single ‘Dancing for Water’, incredibly talented and iconic artist, Tabitha Westley, has now released her new track ‘Coffee’. (And we love it!)

Listen to Coffee here:

In tune with her chilled vibe and exquisite taste, ‘Coffee’ is a single which features harmonious vocals and pristine soulful, electronic, lo-fi beats. With pleading lyrics asking “wanna come inside for a coffee?”.

Tabitha has an extraordinary talent for turning the simplest activities in to beautiful, heart wrenching and butterfly inducing moments – to which so many of us can 100% relate!

Tabitha explains the story of ‘Coffee’:

“Coffee is about the build up towards asking someone in, after spending a night out with them. There’s history there, but look how far you’ve both come. It’s the conversations you have with yourself, the fear of rejection – are you overthinking or misreading this? VS you know it’s going to go down, there’s undeniable chemistry. What have you got to lose? By the last chorus, you’re heading upstairs. “

We loved ‘Dancing for Water’ and we adore ‘Coffee’ – can’t wait what you’ve got in store for us next Tabitha!

Written by Francesca Bass


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