Brussels based alt-rock artist InHibit is following his radio hits with his new head-banging debut EP – ‘Blinded’.

In this EP, just like in every song I make, my thoughts, my mind and myself are injected into the words. It’s more than just notes and text. I’m glad to have been able to make 3 music videos for this EP. The Quest and Shadows of Fire both show a very hypocritical society. They really translate into images what my voice is claiming in the songs. For Shame On Humans, I decided to take a more abstract approach – there’s a lot of wickedness, and nastiness in the music video and I went for something much more cinematographic, with quite a few sound effects implemented through the song in the video.” – InHibit 

The EP is undeniably rock. It bleeds 90’s alternative rock and grunge, with a spirit of true independence and rage. ‘Shadows of Fire’ – warning listeners of the dangers of social media – shows InHibit’s funk side, while previously released ‘The Quest’ shows his wickedness and demonstrates that InHibit can master many different sounds!

“I think the name of the EP doesn’t need to be explained.  And it’s perhaps one of the very few words that’s capable of establishing some sort of connection between my songs.” – InHibit

With influences such as Rage Against the Machine and Foo Fighters, InHibit (Noah Roovers) is something of an enigma. As a self described poet, the 21 year old is writing music with an intention to challenge the views of others. As well as writing deep lyrics, the artist will be releasing his first book shortly as well as a collection of his poetry.

With over 460,000 views on YouTube since its release, ‘The Quest’ was joined by ‘Shadows of Fire’, and boasts high production values. The message about the dangers of believing everything you see and read on social media is universal, especially in 2021. The track is almost theatrical, perhaps mirroring the nature of which we use social media – as if it were a stage.

Watch the Eye-Popping Video to The Quest here:

Written by Francesca Bass






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