Soulful British singer-songwriter, Tabitha Westley’s fifth single ‘Dancing For Water’ is out now on all major platforms.

Having grown up between Hong-Kong, Ghana and Falmouth, and now based in London, Tabitha has been surrounded by a multitude of inspirations, which is what gives her music a worldly, broad sound with intensely brilliant lyrics and vocals.

“I wrote half of this in the bath. It’s about navigating emotions and telling yourself you’re safe with yourself. It’s also about connecting with other women in the same predicament. I had been the other woman without knowing it in a relationship that was a total lie. So not only was I feeling vulnerable & betrayed, the other woman he had a life with must of felt awful too. D4W is about emotional honesty and coming to the understanding that you love you best.”Tabitha Westley

As a feminist, Tabitha is speaking to all women on this track – leaving us feeling united. Her soulful voice reassures us, emitting radiance, strength and most importantly – GIRL POWER!

With ‘Dancing To Water’ written and recorded between Clapham and Herne Hill – Tabitha Westley is now working on her new project, to be entitled ‘2021′. The project promises to be an autobiographic and diverse journey through her world, with electronic and lo-fi sounds.

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Written By Francesca Bass


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