Although growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, Jordan Dean has always been passionate about British musical heroes. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Jamie T, The Kooks, and Arctic Monkeys – Jordan Dean wishes to follow in their footsteps from across the pond with his new EP ‘Local’.

“…I shifted my focus to sounding more like the bands that I fell in love with so much. I pull from a lot of different influences and styles. I’m a huge fan of the post-punk revival bands like the Strokes, the Libertines, and Arctic Monkeys…” – Jordan Dean

Starting with the piano, having learnt the instrument at a young age, Jordan picked up the guitar in his mid-teens and hasn’t put it down! Now 21, Jordan has become a songwriter, growing his audience since 2019 with his first two singles ‘Gone’ and ‘Lost’.

This collection of songs were written when I was 18 and 19 and they just have to do with coming into young adulthood. I think they both encapsulate the young fun side of drinking and that but also carry some emotional weight of growing up. The songs all have to do with relationships with friends, family, and the people that were around me at that time” – Jordan Dean

The EP is – ironically – fabulously British indie. Lyrics with personality and humour from Jordan’s personal experiences and uplifting guitar riffs ensures his music has real heart and soul. We can’t wait to hear more!







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