Fashionista entrepreneur Jade Moss has already taken over the world of fashion and textiles and is now doing the same with her music. With a unique persona full of nostalgia, glamour and attitude, Jade Moss’ new single ‘Hey Babe’ is fabulously showing us that she is a thoroughly modern musician. 

Stunning us with an accurate representation of love today, ‘Hey Babe’ shows Jade preaching about true love in a world where the feeling is so disposable. With online dating so accessible, Jade Moss wants to make it clear that her future matches must play their cards right when they have a queen in their hands. With mesmerising vocals reminiscent of cabaret, and a mix of jazz, pop and trip-hop, it’s a perfect debut from this fearless musician. 

“The music that I write is about my experiences with love, joy, strength and the importance of self-worth”. – Jade Moss 

With a style that screams both 80s and 1940’s, Jade Moss is becoming an iconic artist, showing women everywhere the importance of knowing their self-worth.

Originally from Yorkshire and now based in London, Jade has travelled the world designing clothes and opening her own boutiques, finding her musical inspiration in the process. 

Written by Francesca Bass








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