Glasgow based der Mist, comprised of multi-instrumentalists Craig McKissick and Ali Whitty, have been busy this lockdown, making the most of limited distractions, creating lots of new music for us lucky listeners.

Dedicated to making music designed to stand the tests of time and taste, der Mist are a talented duo whose musical genres span from indie, pop and new wave; rock, synth and electronic. Whatever your musical tastes – you gotta love ’em!

With an innovative YouTube channel for which der Mist frequently upload videos to talk about their new releases, the band has gained quite a bit of an online following. Their witty vlogs show fans who’s behind the music and provides listeners with an insight into their journey as musicians.

Their latest release ‘Step into the Light’ shows the band’s alt-rock side, with some furious and inventive guitar riffs! Because the band are armed with multi-instrumental skills, their music has a sound that makes them as though there are double or triple the band members – making them so unique.

‘Step Into The Light comes from a time where we played in a proper rock band and wrote this song with that in mind. It’s a song that’s supposed to be played LOUD, and can duelling, harmonising guitar parts just be cool again? I feel like it’s something that’s been lost.

My interpretation is that the verses in the song are like different voices arguing in your head and come from a dark place but the chorus is all about finding mental clarity and silencing them, but really the music does most of the talking in this one I think.’ Craig McKissick

The single ‘It’s Alright’ was released by the band earlier this year and needless-to-say it is far better than just ‘alright’ – I reckon they should rename it ‘Bloody Great’! With funk-a-licious riffs, a head-banging beat and awesome vocals – you’ll be happy you clicked the link below to listen. Thank me later…

Written by Francesca Bass





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